9:00Registration and morning coffee
10:00UTC is Enough for Everybody, Right?
Zach Holman
Robert Mosolgo
11:40JSON API in the Ruby world
Gabriela Luhova
14:30The Modern Prometheus
Piotr Szotkowski
15:20Eager Loading for ActiveRecord Performance
Dinah Shi
16:00Coffee break
16:30Start your Open Source journey with Ruby Bench
Marko Bogdanović
17:20Panel discussions with Bozhidar Batsov
18:10Take your slow tests to the doctor
Vladimir Dementyev
9:00Morning coffee
10:00How to get to zero unhandled exceptions in production
Radoslav Stankov
10:50Beyond the current state: Time travel as answer to hard questions
Armin Pašalić
11:40Ferrari Driven Development: superfast Ruby with Rubex
Sameer Deshmukh
14:30My Ruby is a Paintbrush. My Ruby is a Synth.
Jan Krutisch
15:20Crystal: A language for humans and computers
Serdar Doğruyol
16:00Coffee break
16:30What I learned from building a twitter Art Bot
Nynne Just Christoffersen
17:20Lightning talks
Nick Sutterer